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  • "My teacher’s guidance is consistent and clear. She is both passionate and strict to us. I think she is an example for other teachers."

    Jane 22 years old learning period:5 months

    Started from pinyin

  • "I had fun in Chinese class! The teacher is pretty by the way! I learned a lot characters. I like to have Chinese class."

    Lily 15 years old learning perid:12 months

    Started from the very beginning

  • "The teacher is very responsible. She always help us to solve all questions. She has been kind and patient to us. She is popular among us."

    Mike 15 years old learning period:15 months

    Started from pinyin

  • "The teacher is very kind. We got close to her since the first class. We are kinda looking forward to Chinese class recently."

    Jesse 23 years old learning period:2 months

    Started from the very beginning

  • "The teaher teaches us interactly which motivated us. And it goes well."

    William 33 years old learning period:6 months

    Started from the very beginning

  • "I like her Chinese class. It is vey intersting. I learn in a enteraining way and mastered a lot characters now. I can speak a lot Chinese now."

    Sherry 19 years old learning period:5 months

    Started from listening and speaking strengthening

A letter to the students

Congrats! Every qualified student of Mandarin Morning will be a Chinese hand.

There are reason for people to choose Mandarin Morning. First,the courses of Mandarin Morning are quite moderate in teaching and training of Chinese as a whole. Second,we have positive feedback. Third,we focus on the quality of teaching. Mandarin Morning is a famous education brand which devotes ourself to training Chinese and motivate personal potential. We have not only international and vocatinal employee,experienced editor,but also respobsible teachers team who has a lot of teaching experience. Last,we have accurate positioning aims at foreigner students and advanced model of teaching,it will help you get progess easily!

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